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How it works!

6 Steps to Going Solar

Getting All Relevant Information

We provide you with all the information in understanding.

  • How solar energy system works?
  • What are the financial benefits and huge savings you get?
  • What are the subsidies and different types of solar system available?
  • Can help you in reducing your power bills and leading an uninterrupted life.
  • It is a lifestyle investment and we are here to ensure that you can make the most of it.

Identifying Your Needs/Requirements

All of us today are dealing with high power bills or frequent power cuts, or both. Rooftop is an asset that Can usedin multiple ways like garden and solar and it might be the best way Forward. We help you evaluate Different options, giving you the flexibility on ‘How You Want To Go Solar’.

  • Calculating load requirements
  • Energy use pattern of customers
  • Exploring use of different solar systems and and their advantages

Designing your solar system

Once the solar plan is finalized , we design final specifications and drawings

Getting Your Net-Metering/Subsidy Approval

We coordinate with concerned Government bodies to get you necessary approvals and provide you seamlessend to end solutions .Just sit back and watch us work and give you the best service possible.


We will install the solar power plant on your rooftop to your satisfaction and coordinate with your Power Company for your meter change and switch on.

Power on

We switch on the power system and watch all your electricity bill worries evaporate under the sun.